07.04.2022 — 10.04.2022


Histoires Naturelles. Art et environnement

Michael Biberstein, Miguel Branco, Youla Chapoval, Jean Dubuffet, Max Ernst, Yang Jiechang, Dani Karavan, Evi Keller, Rui Moreira, Serge Poliakoff, Georges Poncet, Paul Rebeyrolle, Susumu Shingu, Nicolas de Staël, Mark Tobey

Grand Palais Ephémère, Paris, France

The booth of the gallery for ART PARIS 2022 will hightlight the fair’s themes of Natural Histories and Art & Environment with new drawings by Portugese Miguel Branco presenting libraries, unexpectedly invaded by monkeys and vegetables. Named “Artist of Peace” by UNESCO, Israeli artist Dani Karavan (1930-2021) worked with environmental sculpture, a selection of his latest raw earth sculptures will be exhibited. German artist Evi Keller will present two new Stelae that unite the micro and macrocosm of the natural world through the unique fusion of natural pigments, ink, ashes and cellophane. The mouvement of the delicate rods, like snow covered branches, compose the mobile sculpture Astral Forest by Japanese Susumu Shingu and will echo the two drawings by Rui Moreira Cathedrals of Wind.


Grand Palais Ephémère
Plateau Joffre
75007 Paris


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Thursday to Sunday
from 12 pm to 8 pm
Nocturnal on Friday until 9 am

Yang Jiechang, Mustard Seed Garden- Golden Deer, 2014-2016
Ink and mineral colors on silk, mounted on canvas
3 panels, each panel 65,9 x 37,8 in. Total: 65,9 x 113,3 in
Dani Karavan, Teomin (Twins), 2014
Edition of 7

Earth and wood sculpture
58,7 × 14,2 × 14,2 in
Photographed by Gregory Copitet
Paul Rebeyrolle, Après l'incendie, 2000
Mixed media on canvas
44,8 x 57,4 in
© All rights reserved
Nicolas de Staël, Le Lavandou, 1952
Oil on canvas
9,2 × 6,2 in
Photograph by Jean-Louis Losi
Susumu Shingu, Astral Forest, 2013
Ed. 1/5

Aluminum, carbon fiber, polyester cloth
30,7 × 59,1 × 35,4 in
Photograph by Georges Poncet
Evi Keller, Matière-Lumière [Stèle] ML-V-20-0630, 2020
Mixed media
82,6 × 19,3 × 4 in (plith: 57,4 × 19,3 × 4 in)
Evi Keller, Matière-Lumière [Stèle] ML-V-19-0828, 2019
Mixed media
76,8 × 29,9 × 3,9 in (plinth : 51,2 × 29,9 × 3,9 in)
Evi Keller, Matière-Lumière, [Stèle] ML-V-19-0430, 2019
Mixed media
65,3 × 7,3 × 2 in (plinth : 53,9 × 7,3 × 2 in)