24.03.2022 — 17.04.2022

Canal Connect Festival

Evi Keller

Teatros del Canal, Madrid, Spain

Through the interplay of light projections and sound variations, Keller applies herself to recreate the processes of natural creation: according to the movements and the intensity of the light beam, a variety of materials manifest themselves on the drawn canvas. The huge sheet that constitutes the body of her installation – floating cloth, wall, giant piece of bark – seems to go from being solid and mineral (rock, stalactites) to being liquid (oozing stones, boles of crystal and frost); fire also takes over and one is soon blinded by the black sun of Nervalian melancholy. We could, at times, have the impression that we are watching the wall covered with saltpeter, which Leonardo da Vinci urged aspiring painters to contemplate attentively so as to see new shapes rise. But it is a wall whose shapeless shapes come to life, become wrinkled, unfold, and transform under our very eyes.


Excerpt from Landscapes burnt by night, Evi Keller or the Art of the Origins, a text by Olivier Schefer

Teatros del Canal

Cea Bermúdez
1.28003 Madrid – Spain
T+34 91 308 99 99/50


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