After studying Art History, Photography and Graphic Design in Munich in the 1990s, Evi Keller moved to Paris to work as a photographer. She created her studio in 2000, and since then she has dedicated herself exclusively to her art, collaborating regularly with dancers and contemporary musicians.

In 2001 she began the series of installations The Worlds in Between that present an initiatory voyage into a world of unfolding elements. Imprints of a moment (sculptures, photographs, videos, sounds and paintings) bear witness to a process of transformation which is embodied and progressively transfigured in installations that the artist has described as transitional spaces. When passing through these spaces, in which time progressively dissolves, a dynamic conception of metamorphosis is unveiled and gives substance to abstract experiences dissociated from the reality of daily life. The Worlds in Between reveals a future in perpetual evolution, whose visible aspects seem to breathe and are never immobile. The work evolves through the lived experiences of the artist. In the transformation of these forms new vibrations are born.

Her current creations, which she calls Matière-Lumière, are the culmination of this first cycle, and signal the beginning of a new form of art. Born from nature, Matière-Lumière crystallizes artistic approaches such as photography, painting, sculpture and audiovisual art, making explicit, among other things, their fusion and their rapport with light. At once contemporary and universal, they have neither references nor afiliation and emerge as a completely natural consequence of that voyage. Her being is reflected therein, opening a new cycle of creation.

Matière-Lumière are multiple and changing works, musical scores interpreted by light like sails floating outside their frames – they free themselves from space and the environment in which they were created. A transformation through an alchemical process reveals explosive and volcanic landscapes of a distant and mysterious world, where light is amplified and vibrates. To look at Evi Keller’s works is to begin a voyage between interior and exterior, between the infinitely small and the in nitely large. It is to live in a world where light advances, traversing multiple layers of reflective surfaces, to an abstraction which concentrates and distills all lived experience in order to nd balance in imbalance. It is also to receive a light manifested by its multiple forms in a present that includes all past and all future… It is finally to see it reflected, refracted by opaque and translucent worlds, dematerializing the space and revealing to us the deepest part of our own selves.

Evi Keller‘s work is represented by the Galerie Jeanne Bucher Jaeger which gave her a solo exhibit in 2015. That same year, the Maison Européenne de la Photographie presented the photograph and audio-visual work Matière-Lumière (Towards the Light – silent transformations), which is now part of the permanent art-video collection of the institution. Matière-Lumière has been shown at the Centrale for Contemporary Art in Brussels and at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs (March-June 2016), where a lecture was held on the works of Jean Dubuffet and Evi Keller. She has since been part of several group exhibitions. The philosopher and curator of the exhibition, Joke Hermsen, has chosen two of Evi Keller’s major works for the exhibition “Kairos Castle” that will take place at the Gassbeek Castle in Belgium (April-June 2017).

Works presented as part of the exhibition " Kairos Castle ", 2017
Matière-Lumière, untitled, ML-V-0502, 169,2 x 165,3 in, 2015
Sèvres Outdoors 2016
Evi Keller, Matière-Lumière, Untitled (ML-V-15-0502), 2015

Mixed media
169,3 × 165,4 in
Evi Keller, Installation “Matière-Lumière [Towards the light – silent transformations]”, 2010
Video screening on a Matière-Lumière
157,5 × 208,7 in
Evi Keller, Towards the light – silent transformations n° 4654, 2010
Edition of 7

Silver print on Ilford Crystal Archive Paper
35 × 35 in
Evi Keller, Towards the light – silent transformations, n° 4831, 2010
Edition of 7

Silver print on Ilford Crystal Archive Paper
Each print : 15 × 23,6 in
Evi Keller, Towards the light – silent transformations n° 4805, 2010
Edition of 7

Silver print on Ilford Flex Crystal Archive paper
15,8 × 23,6 in
Evi Keller, Towards the Light – silent transformations, diptych, 2010
Edition of 7

Silver print on Ilford Crystal Archive Paper
15,6 × 47,2 in