02.04.2022 — 12.02.2023

2022 Art Season

Evi Keller

Domaine de Chaumont-sur-Loire, France

German plastic artist Evi Keller’s work questions the cosmic principle of matter transformed through light. The imprint of a moment (captured in sculpture, painting, photograph, video, soundscapes, and performance) reveals a process of substantiation which incarnates and progressively transforms itself through installations that the artist refers to as “transition areas”.

Her progression through these areas led the artist to create her Anthropocene era-inspired works, Matière-Lumière. Made from star-born carbon, an essential element of all living matter and continually recycled by man, these works are energised and transformed through absorption, transmission, and reflection to become matter that changes throughout its interaction with the spectator. Through this alchemical process, Keller transforms the memory of hundreds of millions of years into works of art.

This unique piece, dominated by grey and silver tones, is cunningly illuminated with subtle, moving plays of light, specially designed by Keller for the Domain’s Bee Barn.

The viewer finds himself confronted with the result of this quasi-alchemical transmutation, a fascinating transformation of matter from the depths of the earth into a mysterious and delicate matrix.

“Light is such a subtle matter that we can neither weigh it nor touch it, but it is that which gives us access to the spiritual world. We must therefore seek out the light and remember to make it a part of ourselves every day, like some pure and shining elixir.
The Enlightened Ones, for whom light is the only reality, never cease to work with it and concentrate on it in order to stay in communication with the divine. Their practices and teachings can be summarised as follows: the only truly effective way to enter into a relationship with the Heavens is that which we can create ourselves by weaving together the strands of light between that world and ours. Once these threads are woven, the Heaven and earth within us are in contact with each other and interchange in a way that brings us fulfilment.”

Domaine de Chaumont-sur-Loire

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