06.06.2019 — 13.01.2020

Rebecca Horn

Théâtre des métamorphoses

Georges Hugnet

Centre Pompidou-Metz, France

The exhibition Rebecca Horn. Théâtre des métamorphoses at the Centre Pompidou-Metz highlights the rich range of forms of expression deployed by the artiste.

After an illness, Rebecca Horn decides to use the body as the privileged material of her work and tirelessly stages the antagonisms that underpin our lives : subject versus object, body and machine, human and animal, desire and violence, strength and infirmity, harmony and disorder.

Rebecca Horn echoes these fondamental themes, which has inspired many stylistic mouvements in Art History, such as Mannerism and Surrealism together with contemporary history. The exhibition highlights the contribution of the spitirual peers of the artist who nourished her imagination : Man Ray, Marcel Duchamp, Meret Oppenheim, or Constantin Brâncusi.

For this exhibition, the gallery lends the book La Septième face du dé, published by the gallery Jeanne Bucher in 1936. The cover was made by Marcel Duchamp and illustrated with collages by Georges Hugnet.

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