01.02.2018 — 06.05.2018

Derain, Balthus, Giacometti

Une amitié artistique

Alberto Giacometti

Fundación MAPFRE, Madrid, Spain

United for the first time in an exhibition, Derain, Balthus and Giacometti shared the same definition of what art should be. They also share a strong desire for modernity and are passionately interested in the history of painting and the art of foreign civilizations. Fascinated by « the dark forces of matter » (Derain), they pay attention to the « marvelous, unknown » reality that unfolds before their eyes (Giacometti).

In the early 1930s, Alberto Giacometti and Balthus, a generation of younger artists, were fascinated by André Derain, different and new, but nevertheless respecting the art of the past.

A friendship is created between these three major artists of the twentieth century based on mutual admiration.

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