20.03.2014 — 22.03.2014

Art Dubai 2014

Michael Biberstein, Miguel Branco, Yang Jiechang, Rui Moreira, Susumu Shingu, Fabienne Verdier, Zarina

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Art Dubaï

Madinat Jumeirah
Dubaï – United Arab Emirates


artists presented

Michael Biberstein
Miguel Branco
Rui Moreira
Susumu Shingu
Fabienne Verdier
Yang Jiechang
Zarina Hashmi

Rui Moreira, The Man of the Log, 2009
Gouache, gel pen and pencil on paper
232 × 160 cm
Photograph by Miguel Angelo Guerreiro
Miguel Branco, Untitled (Figure), 2012
Cedar wood
40,6 × 10,8 × 10 in
Zarina, Spinning House, 2013
Edition of 2

Collage with pewter leaf and gold pencil mounted on Somerset Cream paper
32,5 × 23,5 in
Photograph by Georges Poncet