12.09.2020 — 03.01.2021

Gérard Fromanger

Annoncez la couleur !

Musée des Beaux Arts, Caen, France

The exhibition Annoncez la couleur !, organized by Caen Museum of Fine Arts presents works of art by Gérard Fromanger from 1966 to 2018.

Politically engaged during May 68 and key figure of the Narrative Figuration movement, Fromanger explores a four-colour process to reinterprate Art History’s great masterpieces. The artist thus rejects all formalization and instead manifests his belonging to the contemporary society he is part of. The exhibition reveals Fromanger’s vibrant, committed and colourful personality.


For this exhibition, the gallery lends Florence, rue d’Orchampt from 1975


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Gérard Fromanger, Florence rue d’Orchampt, 1975
Oil on canvas
51,1 × 38,1 in
Photograph by Jean-Louis Losi