03.02.2018 — 02.04.2018

Angles de lumière

Hanns Schimansky

Centre d'Arts Plastiques de Royan, France

This exhibition brings together the photographs of a poet, Antoine Graziani, those of a choreographer, Josef Nadj, the gouaches of Anna Mark, the drawings of Hanns Schimansky and the paintings of André Marfaing.

Photography, painting and drawing interact in the exhibition where shadows and reflections meet in a geometry of light.

Hanns Schimansky decides in 1979 to devote his career to art and solely to drawing. In his scriptural drawings, he invites us to feel the rhythm of the world by capturing and prolonging the intensity of a fleeting moment, convoking and provoking chance, opposing a voluntary slowing down of the breathtaking speed of our media-centered world.

The drawings by Hanns Schimansky, showcased twice at the gallery in 2010 and in 2014, are equally inspired by sound and silence. The rustles of the paper folded and unfolded, the ink-pen scratching the paper, the repetition of the precise dots, the line flowing in variable rhythms, are all sounds of the creative gesture, which contribute to the harmony of the artist’s drawings.

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