04.03.2020 — 18.05.2020


Histoires naturelles

Otto Wols

Galerie d'Art graphique, Centre Pompidou, Paris

Neither figurative not abstract, his drawings – like his photographs and his texts – illustrate a way of seeing the world, in all its appearances, in a syncretism where far-eastern philosophies encounter the thinking of Nietzsche. Resisting analysis, Wols’s work seems to be a single body consisting of and reflecting each of his creations. The exhibition “Wols, natural histories” thus proposes to re-examine his drawing in the light of his other practices, writing, photography and painting. Designed as an introduction, it breaks down into five sections – trapping, transmuting, concentrating, breaking down, splashing – describing the way Wols transposed the world he perceived in his images.

For this exhibition, the gallery lends a watercolor on paper from 1940.

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