22.04.2016 — 12.06.2016

We Refugees

Of the Right to Have Rights


Badischer Kunstverein, Karlsruhe, Germany

From April 22 to June 12, 2016, the Badischer Kunstverein will be mounting an extensive exhibition and events program on the subject of migration and flight.

This exhibition is based on Hannah Arendt’s essay We Refugees in which she develops a reflection on the status of so-called refugees and attacks the usual strategies for their assimilation. Participants from the arts, theory, and activist practice have been invited to present their works in close dialogue with each other. The formats range from documentary, short film, text, photography, and drawing to performance, installation and object.

Displacement and migrations are central to Zarina’s work. She experienced borders from her infancy, the partition line between India and Pakistan, which underlies the painful experience of exile, nostalgia for lost land. For this show the gallery lends two recent works entitled A Child’s Boat for Aylan and Ghalib and Sinking Boat with a Heartbeat. The gallery will present a solo show dedicated to Zarina’s latest works next Fall.

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