The Passengers

Rui Moreira


His Passengers are infinitely small, light beings whose appearance recalls Egyptian sarcophagi or newborns in certain Indian traditions, between death and life, gathered together, assembled, into a shape, an ascensional power. Rui Moreira responds to ambient gravity with weightlessness, lightness of line, contour and drawing; he invites us to look at, to become aware of these Passengers, of thosewho seem to march by in the hundreds of thousands, to move away as far as the eye can see, in deep silence. The sounds of Bach, and of silence, accompanied the artist during the creation of this series of six Passengers—six visions tinged with a certain unreality, like mirages in the desert, a place the artist knows intimately and has so often experienced. Nomads marching in a line without beginning or end, little by little fading into the distance…