03.06.2021 — 06.06.2021

Paris Gallery Weekend

Evi Keller

Marais Space

Inauguration of the exhibition Stèles on Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th of June in presence of the artist


Mystery”: the word constitutes a discreet leitmotif in Evi Keller’s answers while, on a freezing Sunday night, the artist holds forth about the Stelae(Stèles) which give their name to the exhibition that is about to open at the Jeanne Bucher Jaeger gallery. These delicate pieces with shimmering fluidity are a “mystery” indeed. Are they thin shining strips that could have been cut out of precious, imaginary geological concretions? Or barely tangible membranes where varicolored plasma pockets vibrate as if they were scales from a mythical creature? Or dice of a dreamed stained-glass window, whose surface would still be trembling from the glass-maker’s fire? Personally, I can’t stop myself from seeing, in these gems, avatars from the legendary Emerald Tablet — the stone plaque that, it was said, contained Hermes’ teachings, comprised of the alchemists’ tables of the law, the enigmatic key of hermetic science. I can’t stop myself from thinking about it because Evi Keller is, somehow, Hermes-like.


Excerpt from “Art and Matter” written by Damien Aubel, Transfuge, March 2021

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