Parallel to the exhibition Quinte-Essence presented in our two spaces, the gallery presents for the FIAC 2015 a journey, through a group of works, of artists that the gallery has exhibited and promoted from the beginning, from Giacometti to Fabienne Verdier. This presentation is given its direction by Giacometti’s Tête qui regarde, an emblematic terracotta work exhibited by Jeanne Bucher in her gallery in 1929, and of which there exist no other examples on the world. It represents the first public presentation of a sculpture by Alberto Giacometti, and displays the absolute gaze of the artist in its quintessence. This totemic work will be accompanied by other emblematic works of artists who have been exhibited by the gallery from the beginning, some of which come from their first exhibition in the gallery among them those of Kandinsky, Masson, Klee, Torres-Garcia, Ernst, Reichel …

fiac 2015

Grand Palais
Avenue Winston Churchill
75 008 Paris

visite virtuelle de la Fiac 2015

artists presented

Primitive Arts
Fermín Aguayo
Jean Amado
André Bauchant
Michael Biberstein
Roger Bissière
Miguel Branco
Fred Deux
Jean Dubuffet
Max Ernst
Gérard Fromanger
Alberto Giacometti
Zarina Hashmi
Asger Jorn
Vassily Kandinsky
Dani Karavan
Evi Keller
Paul Klee
Henri Laurens


Fernand Léger
André Masson
Rui Moreira
Kunihiko Moriguchi
Wilfrid Moser
Jean-Paul Philippe
Arthur Luis Piza
Paul Rebeyrolle
Hans Reichel
Hanns Schimansky
Susumu Shingu
Gérard Singer
Nicolas de Staël
Árpád Szenes
Mark Tobey
Joaquín Torres-García
Fabienne Verdier
Maria Helena Vieira da Silva
Paul Wallach
Yang Jiechang

Jean Dubuffet, Terre orange aux trois hommes, 1953
Oil on hardboard
44,9 × 57,5 in
Photograph by Jean-Louis Losi
Alberto Giacometti, Tête qui regarde, 1929
14,6 × 13 × 2,4 in
Photograph by Georges Poncet
Fermín Aguayo, Bouquet, 1960
Oil on canvas
31,4 × 31,4 in
Photograph by David Bordes
Roger Bissière, Paysage vert, Composition 279, 1955
Oil on canvas
25,6 × 48,8 in