07.02.2009 — 21.03.2009

On Ascension

Yang Jiechang

Marais Space

Yang Jiechang was discovered in the 1989 Magiciens de la Terre show at the Pompidou Centre in Paris. Since then, the artist regularly presented his work at the Gallery Jeanne-Bucher, rue de Seine.

This exhibition entitled On Ascension brings around twenty pieces together that trace the artist progression, from the 100 layers of ink series realized when he moved to France, until the last pieces showing the elevation and transcendence subjects chosen from the Ascension theme.

Through his different creative periods, Yang Jiechang’s works echo each other and use different Chinese traditional techniques. The works he creates are both a holistic system and media capable of conveying the concepts and values he believes in. Each one of them aims to “raise the mind by the means of the image”.

Yang Jiechang, 100 Layers of Ink – On Ascension, 1990
India ink and medicinal material on Xuan paper and gauze
116,5 × 74,8 in
Yang Jiechang, 3000 needles, 1991
Needles, artist’s hair, blood and quicklime on canvas
20,9 × 61,4 in
Yang Jiechang, On Ascension – Ex Orbit, 2008
Mineral colours and ink on silk
58,1 × 103,5 in
Yang Jiechang, On Ascension – Maria, 2008
Mineral colours and ink on silk
57,1 × 100 in
Yang Jiechang, Untitled, 1986
Ink on paper
76,6 × 71,9 × 1,6 in
Photograph by Jean-Louis Losi
Yang Jiechang, Deep Liquid, 2008
Mineral colours and ink on silk
86,6 × 55,5 in
Photograph by Jean-Louis Losi

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