08.03.2014 — 26.04.2014

Antonella Zazzera

Light Weaving

Marais Space

Carte blanche to Frédéric Jaeger who presents
Antonella Zazzera
Light Weaving

Antonella Zazzera participated in numerous personal and collective exhibitions in Italy. Her solo show at the Gallery Jaeger Bucher is for the artist the occasion to present for the first time her sculptures to French public.
Her researches led her to focus on the power of signs and traces, and her first works can be related to graffitis. Pursing her experiences, she discovered the major importance of light when defining Space and Form. Her wish to transcribe this discovery into a more dynamic language, one that stretches towards three dimensions. She looked for her way in, and found her own red tread: copper. A weaving of threads, composed according to a precise ritual, stratum after stratum; a kind of metallic pattern, catching and reflecting light. Technique becomes finer, raw materials are more diverse: the artist plays with variations of form and colour, with the thickness of threads and vibrating effects provoked by the multiplications of lines to produce sculptures of high tension.

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