24.03.2016 — 28.08.2016


Evi Keller

CENTRALE for contemporary art, Brussels, Belgium

As part of the celebrations for its 10th anniversary, CENTRALE proposes a unique exhibition inspired by the original identity of the location (a former power station). From 24 March 2016 onwards, “CONNECTED” will reveal itself as a surprising and unsual journey, a voyage actively involving the spectator across the unique worlds of 20 Belgian and international artists.

“CONNECTED” proposes variations on the theme of physical and psychic connection to artistic creation: machine bodies (Frit Kahn, Wim Delvoye), existential implication (Orlan, Opalka, Stelarc), singular and psychedelic visions of the body (Luboš Plný, Jean Perdrizet, Henri Ughetto), vurtual experiences and perceptions (N+N Corsino, Evi Keller, Alex Verhaest)…

Evi Keller is represented with the audiovisual work Matière-Lumière [Towards the Light – silent transformations]. The installation connects us to the vibration of the night, a symbol of the invisible or to a mysterious universe unveiled by the rays of an immersed sun, emissary of far-off galaxies. Solid state, liquid state, both… me, sky, earth, finding vital breath in the lines that link them to light, and transform them to the rhythm of a silence whose melody makes itself heard in the world of senses. The fragmentation of movement gives rise to abstract compositions which remove all real meaning from them and give them a poetic and spiritual dimensions. Emanating light is limited either by forms nor vu restricted spaces. The work evolves through the artist’s gaze – in the materialization of light and the transformation of forms, other vibrations are born. It captures forms animated by rhythmic and luminous waves, enters theirs life, their movement and invites us to enter a world of meditation. It is the sonic vibration and the incarnation of a moment of eternity, a work that lives in the moment, that resounds deep down inside us. It is an encounter with the form and nature of “things”, of the visible and the invisible, the manifest and the mystery.

Curators: Patrick Amine and Carine Fol

Artists presented : Marc Boulet & Lin Yu (FR – CN), William S. Burroughs (EU), N+N Corsino (FR), Wim Delvoye (BE), Pascal Dombis (FR), Philippe Gronon (FR), Brion Gysin (EU), Fritz Kahn (DE), Evi Keller (DE), Nam June Paik (KOR), Jean Perdrizet (FR), Luboš Plný (CZ), Abdelmajid Mehdi (MA), Wesley Meuris (BE), Roman Opalka (FR), ORLAN (FR), Tomás Saraceno (ARG), STELARC (AU), Henri Ughetto (FR), Philippe Vandenberg (BE), Joachim Van Den Hurk (NL) & Pedro Rivero J. (ES), Alex Verhaest (BE), Thomas Zipp (DE)

CENTRALE for contemporary art

Place Sainte-Catherine 44
1000 Brussels – Belgium
T +32 (0)2 279 64 35 / 52


opening hours

From Wednesday to Sunday
from 10:30 am to 6 pm