20.05.2017 — 03.06.2017

Evi Keller

Paris Gallery Weekend

CHOICES Paris Gallery Weekend

Marais Space



[Co-] naissance (birth) of three Matière-Lumière works
Audio-visual work, veil, sculpture


Evi Keller reveals to us in her transitional space, through an alchemical process, a world of elements-in-becoming, where a light amplifies and vibrates. The installation is the encounter of the self in the invisible, transfiguring universes outside space and time in veils, stardust, born from the great mystery, and from our being.

The video Matière-Lumière [Reconciliation Xin-Yi], mirror of the soul, vital blood, fluid essence, materializes, slows down, and dilates, in an eternal respiration. The spectator is invited to follow the pulsing of life, the transformation of being, which breaks with linear time.

Its light, revealing an opening towards the infinite, transmutes the Matière-Lumière veil into changing mineral, vegetable, animal and human materials, giving birth to explosive, volcanic universes from a faraway and mysterious world.

Like the transformation of water into ice, the veil solidifies and allows for the appearance of the Matière-Lumière sculpture. A contemplative spirit from an ancient world, guardian of the threshold at the limit of the visible and the invisible, its gaze towards the mirror of Reconciliation Xin-Yi, incarnates the source of Everything.

The knowledge of the three Matière-Lumière creations (body, soul, spirit) connects us with a present that includes all past and all future. It frees the soul in transparency, shattering the mirror.

Since 2015 the artist has been represented by the Galerie Jeanne Bucher Jaeger which gave her an important solo exhibition between May and September 2015. Her creations Matière-Lumière, unveiled for the first time during the 2014 Nuit Blanche (“As if Turner were a videographer” Laurent Carpentier, Le Monde) crystallizes artistic approaches such as photography, painting, sculpture and audio-visual work, elucidating, among other things, their fusion and their relationships with light. In 2015, the MEP presented the photographs and the video Matière-Lumière [Towards the Light], which they acquired for their video art collection. Evi Keller has since participated in several important artistic events, among which are the Centrale for Contemporary Art in Brussels and the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, where a symposium was held around the works of Jean Dubuffet and Evi Keller. Several of the artist’s key works have been chosen by the philosopher Joke Hermsen for her exhibition Kairos (Gaasbeek Castle, Belgium, April-June 2017). The artist’s work will also be exhibited at the Musée Granet (Passion de l’Art, Aix-en-Provence, June-September 2017).


For Choices 2017 Evi Keller will present an installation of 3 new works:

Matière-Lumière [Reconciliation, Xin-Yi], ML-I-04-PV-RXY-080-080, 2004, video

Matière-Lumière, untitled, ML-V-16-0302, 2016, veil, mixed media

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