18.03.2017 — 07.05.2017


Susumu Shingu

Hyōgo Prefectural Museum of Art, Japan

Susumu Shingu, whose art projects have traveled to many part of the world, has since the mid-1960s been creating kinetic sculptures that translate wind into ever-changing, airborne shapes. With studios in Sanda, Hyogo Prefecture and in Paris, Shingu has installed his works in many public spaces throughout the world continuing to impress viewers in new and unexpected ways.

SPACESHIP Susumu Shingu exhibits the artist’s current work with fifteen new pieces shown inside the museum and also in the entrance hall and the garden, inviting you to explore the universe.

Painter, sculptor, researcher and philosopher of nature, Susumu Shinguemphasizes in his works that we no longer see when we observe nature. He creates sculptures that work with the energies of nature and that use elements like air, water, light and sound. Capturing every breath of life, they delicately interpret changing landscapes.

Hyōgo Prefectural Museum of Art

1 Chrome – 1 – 1 Wakinohama Kaigan-dori
Chut Ward
Hyōgo Prefecture 651-0073 – Japan


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