27.02.2015 — 11.05.2015

China’s Changing Landscape

Yang Jiechang

Amos Anderson Art Museum, Helsinki

The largest private art museum in Finland is presenting an exhibition dedicated to China’s changing landscape. The show will feature important works by contemporary Chinese artists such as Ah Xian, Li Huayi, Li Jin, Qui Zhijie, Samson Young, Wang Dongling, Wucius Wong, Xu Bing, Yang Jiechang, Yang Yongliang and Yuan Jai.

At the heart of the exhibition “China’s Changing Landscape”, modernity, evolution and Chinese tradition work together. The artists come from China as well as from Europe, America or Australia. Through their art, they present tools to the understanding of the global context contemporary China is facing. The rapid development of China is materialized through ink drawings that combine past and present, modernity and cultural legacy. The myths stand as an interpretation chart to develop new tales and new creations. Through modern medium, these contemporary artists provide a glimpse of traditional ways of expression such as calligraphy.

The exhibition is a reflection of a new generation steeped in traditional models and disposed to play with these rules, experimenting with them to give birth to new ways of expression.

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