05.06.2015 — 13.12.2015

1939-1945, de Brayer à Villon

Le Tarn, terre d'asile des artistes

Hans Reichel

Museum of Fine Arts, Gaillac, France

During the Second World War, the Tarn region in France has been a refuge for numerous artists fleeing the German invasion. Leaving their Parisian studio, they dreamt of the calm and peaceful countryside in the South of France. This exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts in Gaillac recalls this period of artistic exchanges often occulted by the gloomy souvenirs of the war.

German artist Hans Reichel did not escaped but was interned first in the camp of Viscose, near Albi and then in camp of Gurs. During this period, he created in renowned “Cahier de Gurs”, a handbook compiling about 42 watercolors drawings realized in spite of the precarious conditions he was living in.

On the occasion of this exhibition, the gallery lends a watercolour from 1940 by Reichel entitled “Composition n°9”.

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