Extract 3 – “The Eye of the Sky”[L’Oeil du Ciel]

Antoine Grumbach


“The Eyes of the Sky” [Les Yeux du Ciel], is an ambitious Land Art project, work of Antoine Grumbach, realized with the excavated grounds of the building sites of Ile de France and financed by the company ECT on its site of valorization of grounds of Villeneuve-sous-Dammartin.

The 18-minute film “The Eyes of the Sky”[Les Yeux du Ciel], co-directed by Richard Copans and Alain Nahum, was commissioned by project promoter ECT and shot between October 2022 and April 2023. It retraces the steps involved in making the 1st Eye, with interviews with Antoine Grumbach, Laurent Mogno, President of ECT, and Jean-Baptiste Gautier, the farmer who owns the Eye’s land. A 8mns extract “The Eye of the Sky”[L’Oeil du Ciel] showing Antoine’s work – from drawing to realization – was made for the exhibition. A sequel to the first film is planned until the 2nd eye is made.

Link to the exhibition Antoine Grumbach, Les Yeux du Ciel