24.01.2015 — 05.04.2015

Oracular Spectacular

Rui Moreira

José de Guimaraes International Centre for the Arts

The José de Guimarães International Centre for the Arts programming for 2015 opens under the central theme of drawing. “Oracular Spectacular” gathers together a group of artists who work intensively, and in most cases inclusively in the field of drawing. The exhibition aims to reveal an extraordinary and unique territory of artistic practice, in which visible and invisible dimensions reveal one another and in which form and energy are merged and (con)fused through a ritual process that conjures up the different entities that inhabit the world – human, animal, plant and geological – towards the same material and sensory, conscious and unconscious plane.

The CIAJG has brought together works from different times, places and contexts in articulation with works by contemporary artists, proposing a re(assembly) of art history, as a succession of echoes, and a new purpose for the museum – as a place for wonder and reflection.

After his solo show at the Mudam Luxembourg, Rui Moreira presents in the exhibition “Oracular Spectacular” one of his latest drawings.

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