14.05.2017 — 01.10.2017


Solo exhibition

Alfred Manessier

Prieuré d'Airains, France

The Prieuré d’Airaines presents  an exhibition devoted to the painter Alfred Manessier, including two series of lithographs from 1949 and 1978, models of the stained glass windows of the church of the Saint-Sépulcre of Abbeville, the tapestry Allélui, woven in 1968, and a Poem by Charles Peguy, calligraphed and illustrated by Manessier in 1963-1964.

Furthermor, the exhibition presents a series of seven lithographs, on the theme of Easter, published by the Galerie Jeanne Bucher Jaeger in 1949.

Prieuré d'Airaines

8, place de l’Abbaye
80270 Airaines – France
T+ 33 3 22 29 45 05


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