27.09.2012 — 17.11.2012


Arthur-Luiz Piza

St Germain Space

The gallery is pleased to present a new exhibition dedicated to Brazilian artist Arthur Luiz Piza.

He earned his international recognition thanks to his talent as an engraver, awarded with numerous prizes such as the Prize of the Biennale of São Paulo. His evolution first led him to multicolored paper collages, and his thrust for space pushed him towards sculpture, with unusual materials such as wire nettings combined with formal elements in paper – or with hand-modeled amalgams of his composition.

His recent works are partly made for the wall, or partly aim to be displayed freely in the space, or associated in a dialogue of presences. They take shape in a feeling of equilibrium, harmony and mostly reflection, hence their title Présages (augury) in the ensemble entitled “L’Accroche-Rêves” (dream catcher).

The generous focus on raw materials to offer them spirit, and often a soul, led us to feel these works, emanating from a Brazilian atavism the artist himself discovers by surprise at his finger tip, as if they were talismans. The energy that springs from their even proportions give them a sense of monumentality that could led to creations in a larger format. These figures, revealed by chance thanks to his rich manual imagination, open an access to magical intrusions in the viewer subconscious thus invited to feel inhabited by a secret part of his own conscience.

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