21.05.2016 — 10.09.2016


Paul Wallach

Marais Space

In connexion with the presentation by the gallery of the sculpture La Madeleine by Paul Wallach at the Palais de Tokyo for CHOICES Collectors Week-End, the gallery hosts a solo show of the artist featuring his latest sculptures.

American sculptor Paul Wallach takes time to carefully construct his sculptures as well as the titles for his exhibitions. For this upcoming solo show at the gallery, he chose the title: B R E T H R E N. An old word taken from the history of English language, it refers to the idea of a brotherly bound however not exclusive to the family circle. The artist’s sculptures very often echo one another or dialogue with us in their surrounding space. Constantly changing according to the variations of light, mood or point of view, they result from the assemblage of different materials. Wood is the principal living material of each sculpture – and then is added plaster, metal, canvas, or paint. The sensation of unity released by Paul Wallach’s work comes from the cohesion of the whole assemblage where every gesture determines the following, and every element is constitutive of the next one.

Growing from a point in the wall, and from its relations to the ground, Paul Wallach’s sculptures spread out in the space where they seem to be floating. They create interstices, intermediary spaces that become constitutive elements of the work. The essence of their volume traces lines that defines and outline the scope of their surrounding space. Paint can become a reflection or a radiant wave of color and thus enlarge the volume or accentuate the space.

Paul Wallach’s works expand our perceptions and subtly enrich our sensitive experience.

Paul Wallach, (t)rois, 2014
Wood, steel, canvas, string, oil and acrylic paint
74,4 × 23 × 2,4 in
Photograph by Georges Poncet
Paul Wallach, Divisible, 2015
Metal, wood, paper, pencil
5,12 × 6,5 × 0,59 in
Photograph by Georges Poncet

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