04.05.2016 — 18.09.2016

Au seul bruit du soleil

Jean Lurçat

Mobilier National - Galerie des Gobelins
Paris, France

For the celebration of the 50th anniversary of Jean Lurçat’s death, the Mobilier National, with the collaboration of the Foundation Jean and Simone Lurçat at the Academy of Fine Arts (Institute of France), presents an important exhibition of the Galerie des Gobelins – the first solo show in Paris since the one organized in 1958 at the National Museum of Modern Art.

The exhibition highlights different aspects of Jean Lurçat’s career. He led a movement that federated numerous artists and has had an important role in the history of art and the renewal of tapestry during the 20th century. The show offers the possibility to re-discover the work of this remarkable artist that met a great success in Europe as well as in the United States in the Interwar period.

Jean Lurçat is, along with Lipchitz, one of the artists that led Jeanne Bucher to open her gallery. He was exhibited in Paris half-dozen times between 1925 and 1936. His tapestries were shown at the boulevard du Montparnasse gallery in 1948 and in 1949. The gallery brings its support to this exhibition with the loan of the painting Mâts en délire, 1938.

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