Self-taught painter and draftsman, linked to kinetic art, Günter Haese found in 1960 a language unique to his inspiration. He created sculptures made of string and small mechanical components, forming fragile, delicate and vibrating structures that evoke the figures of his spiritual mentor Paul Klee. His only exhibition at the gallery took place in 2007 on the occasion of “L’œil cosmologique” in dialogue with Hans Reichel’s works.


exhibitions at the gallery

Group exhibition
December 9, 2014 to May 15, 2015

L’œil cosmologique – Hans Reichel and Günter Haese
April 26 to June 23, 2007

Günter Haese, Baghdad I, 1965
20,9 × 7,5 × 6,5 in
Günter Haese, 277 – Janus, 1992
Brass and phosphorbronze
12,4 × 6,9 × 6,9 in