In January 1939, Jeanne Bucher took the risk of showing the canvases and watercolors of Baumeister, considered as a “degenerate” artist. This presentation attracted the entire art world of Paris from Kandinsky to Gertrude Stein and Le Corbusier. In 1949, in a French-German pairing audacious for its time, the Alsatian Jean-François Jaeger showed his work in dialogue with Lurçat’s works. The last presentation of Baumeister’s recent works took place in 1954, the year before the artist’s death.


exhibitions at the gallery

Hommage à Jeanne Bucher, rétrospective 1925-1960
Inauguration of the gallery at 53, rue de Seine
May 6 to November 30, 1960

Gouaches and watercolours
October 29, 1957

Recent paintings
April 13 to May 8, 1954

Group exhibition
March 5 to April 3, 1954

Recent works by Willi Baumeister, tapestry by Jean Lurçat,
ceramic and improvised sculptures by Vulliamy

December 3, 1949 to January 10, 1950

Paintings and watercolours
January 20 to 30, 1939