13.06.2015 — 15.01.2019

André Bauchant et ses contemporains

Georges Braque, Le Corbusier, Raoul Dufy, Jean Lurçat

André Bauchant

Musée et Jardins Cécile Sabourdy, Vicq-sur-Breuilh, France

The museum Cécile Sabourdy presents an exhibition of André Bauchant entitled “André Bauchant and his contemporaries: Georges Braque, Le Corbusier, Raoul Dufy, Jean Lurçat”. The show features painted works with bucolic landscapes and historic or mythological scenes. A major figure of the Naïve Art, André Bauchant is inspired by the Renaissance and the Classic style.

The exhibition focuses on the atmosphere of the galleries who presented the Cubists artists and surrealists artists. André Bauchant’s works highlight a simple and meticulous art that conveys his burning passion for painting. Deeply influenced by Nature, he used this topic as a central theme.

Musée & Jardins Cécile Sabourdy

Rue Chavaud
87 260 Vicq sur Breuilh – France
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André Bauchant, Ulysse réclamant à Circé ses compagnons changés en pourceaux, 1944
Oil on canvas
25,6 × 38,6 in
Photograph by Jean-Louis Losi
André Bauchant, Les Amours I, 1929
Oil on canvas
35 × 45,7 in
Photograph by Jean-Louis Losi