Since 2003

Véronique Jaeger

President and General Director


The GALERIE JEANNE BUCHER JAEGER is characterised by its expertise in European Modern and Contemporary Art of the XXth century. Founded by Jeanne Bucher in 1925, the gallery remained in the same family for three generations and is now a European institution that has shown Modern Masters of the XXth century − such as the Abstract avant-garde artists, Cubists and Surrealists of the Pre-War era exhibited by Jeanne Bucher between 1925 and 1946. Her successor Jean-François Jaeger took over the direction of the gallery in 1947 and exhibited major Post-War Abstract European and American artists, New Realists and Figurative painters of the 70s, Urban and Environmental sculptors of the 80s as well as Eastern artists now recognised as National Treasures in their own countries. Jean-François Jaeger still presides the gallery today, with 70 years of experience. Véronique Jaeger,great grand-daughter of Jeanne Bucher and daughter of Jean-François Jaeger is today the main shareholder and the General Director of the gallery.

The gallery is today one of the few international galleries with 90 years of experience, with a list of artists and a collection of works that cover the field of European Art of the XXth century, inscribing itself for the past 15 years in the Art of the XXIst century. Its participation is essential for the Catalogues Raisonnés of the XXth century Masters promoted throughout time (Vieira da Silva, Nicolas de Staël, Bissière, Arpad Szenes, Hans Reichel, Aguayo…) as well as forming Expert Committees for these artists. For the past 90 years, the gallery has placed an innumerable number of works amongst major international institutions and collections in the world.


The Gallery with
Véronique Jaeger (since 2003)

In 2003, Véronique Jaeger  joins the gallery after graduating from Columbia University and after a 10-year experience in the art field in New York in the USA, in London in the 90s and at FIAC until the year 2000. Her brother Frédéric Jaeger joined her at the same time and together they co-directed the gallery. After his departure in June 2010, Véronique Jaeger becomes the gallery’s main shareholder and its Executive Director and continues to organize monographic shows, started in 2003, for the artists whose work is undeniably related to the history of the gallery or for those in need of rediscovery. In addition to running the historical left bank gallery, Véronique Jaeger opens, in 2008, a second space of 7500 square feet in the Marais, re-designed by the architect Dominique Perrault. The new space gives the opportunity to present new living artists, some of them already exhibited by the gallery since 2005, while continuing to promote the main artists of the gallery.

In 2015, the gallery celebrates its 90th Anniversary in the three Parisian spaces and Véronique Jaeger decides to rename the gallery in the Marais and St Germain: JEANNE BUCHER JAEGER. While appointing her brother, Emmanuel Jaeger, as a director of the gallery and recruiting a new team of 8 employees, she pursues the role of promotion for the artists linked to the gallery’s history since it origin : André Bauchant, Vieira da Silva, Arpad Szenes, Nicolas de Staël, Hans Reichel, Bissière, Mark Tobey, Jean Dubuffet, Fermin Aguayo. The gallery also organizes monographic or theme-based exhibitions for international museums and institutions by lending works from either its historical collections or from numerous private collections. The gallery responds to important loan requests from museums around the world. Véronique Jaeger attends to the complete reorganization of the gallery’s archives developed over 90 years. Finally, the gallery pursues its promotion role for the 12 contemporary artists − Michael Biberstein, Miguel Branco, Antoine Grumbach, Evi Keller, ZarinaDani Karavan, Rui Moreira, Jean-Paul Philippe, Hanns Schimansky, Susumu Shingu, Fabienne Verdier, Paul WallachYang Jiechang, Maria Ana Vasco Costa and Antonella Zazzera − who have been shown since 2006 or 2008, with the organisation of exhibitions at the gallery and in major institutions, as well as the production of their works for specific projects.

The gallery Jeanne Bucher Jaeger is today one the few Modern and Contemporary gallery in Europe in activity since 1925 which still pursues the promotion of living artists.