22.06.2019 — 27.10.2019

André Masson

Une mythologie de l’être et de la nature

Musée d'art moderne de Céret, France

André Masson painted at Céret several landscape paintings inspired by Cézanne’s cubism, a painting built in a range of light colors, a kid of testimony of his mental rehabilitation.

The feeling of the nature has accompanied André Masson throughout his life. The beauty of nature inspired him and gave him peace. However, nature also appears to the artist as a theater of cruelty between species and thus echoes the existential questions of the artist.

Masson led a prodigious artistic career, made of itinerations between Europe and America. The places where the artist lived, the landscapes he admired, transfigured, populated by myths, are highlighted in the exhibition.

For this exhibition, the gallery lends three works by the artist, Le Buste from 1926, La guitariste, c. 1919 et La cour de ferme II ou le coq from 1930.

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André Masson, Le Buste, 1926
Oil on canvas
18 × 15 in
André Masson, La guitariste, c.1919
Ink on paper
9,9 × 6,8 in
André Masson, La cour de ferme II ou le coq, 1930
Oil on canvas
19,7 × 28,7 in