08.10.2014 — 04.01.2015

Drawings from the GDR

Hanns Schimansky

Sprengel Museum, Hanovre, Germany

As part of a project aimed at augmenting the Sprengel Museum Hannover collection of drawings, the FAMAKunststiftung has since 2007 acquired as many as 121 works. The project was focused specifically on obtaining a representative cross-section of outstanding drawings from the Eastern part of a divided Germany after 1945, especially those works produced under mostly adverse political conditions well into the 1980s, works that are still little known both in the now reunited Germany and among young people of the generation after 1989. Among other artists, the exhibition features drawings by Hanns Schimansky. On this occasion, an exhibition catalogue presenting the Museum’s drawing collection is published.

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Hanns Schimansky, Untitled, 2014
Ink on folded paper
20,1 × 24,4 in