Art Brussels

Place de Belgique
1020 Brussels − Belgium

Booth: 1B-51 – Hall 1

artists presented

Michael Biberstein
Miguel Branco
Jean Dubuffet
Rui Moreira
Jean-Paul Philippe
Hanns Shimansky
Susumu Shingu
Fabienne Verdier
Paul Wallach
Yang Jiechang
Zarina Hashmi

Yang Jiechang, Blue Mountain, 2011
Ink and minéral colours on silk mounted on canvas
95,5 × 121,5 cm
Photograph by Georges Poncet
Fabienne Verdier, Andante Intention III, 2004
Pigments and ink on canvas
53,3 × 62,9 in
Photograph by Inès Dieleman
Jean-Paul Philippe, Marelle, 2013
23,6 × 23,6 × 3,9 in